Nanhai Studio started to work with leading influencers based in Sydney since 2015. As a creative team focused on Chinese market, we’ve been developing different skills and creative ideas to reach a wider Chinese audience, as well as building a platform for influencers to showcase their works and talents over the years.

With the power of influencers, we have successfully worked with global brands, including La Mer, Clinique, Kiehl’s, Bank of China, Moana and Finish. Our sales and marketing teams continue to help clients to produce high quality content and develop digital marketing strategy.

Our Solutions

Video Production

Seasoned professionals are here to provide creative ideas and high quality execution of content creation.

Regional Resources

With the support of leading media group Nan Hai Culture & Media, we have a variety of networks and insights within both greater China region as well as local Australian Chinese community, which help us to create localized marketing materials and content.

Brand Endorsement

Our influencers are experts on different verticals who can surely represent your brand and reach target market.

Featured Influencers

Nanhai Studio help inspiring influencers to build up influence across various distributing platforms, including Wechat, Weibo, Red Book, YouTube and TikTok. In addition, we use different mediums like magazine, digital media and website to grow influencers’ fan base.

Our team of sales professionals have vast regional networks, they link influencers and their talents with international brands and advertisers in order to monetize and increase exposure.

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